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Dec 10 2016

Getting to Know Each Other

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you… Those lyrics, from one of my favorite songs in “The King and I” musical, sum up what I would like to see happening more and more at the Spencer Veterinary Hospital. I want to have you get to know us, and I want the community to know we are here, who we are, and know that we want to become involved. Recently, we had an Open House. Partially to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Dr. Jennifer Fagerquist obtaining the business, partially to re-introduce ourselves. It was fairly well attended, especially for our first one. We had things to do for the children, and adults alike. There was plenty of food set out, some home-made, some store-bought, all delicious! We had a professional photographer on hand to take pictures of the many animals who came in costume (since it was Halloween weekend.) There were little give-away items, there were prizes, and there were raffle items. We opened the clinic for everyone to walk through, and we had several stations where our guests could learn about parasites, acupuncture, or pretty much whatever was on their minds. It was a fun day. (See pics on our FaceBook page). My point of telling you about the open house is this: I want to have some type of event, during each season of the year. I hope that they each become annual events, so we can have people visiting all year long, every year. Fall will be our open house. Winter is currently open, so if you have ideas, please share them! Spring will be our Wild Animal Adventure (more to come in a later blog), and Summer will most likely be a hamburger/hot dog barbeque. Again, I am open to other ideas. Please share your ideas with me, please look me up when you come in to visit, and please…lets get to know each other.

John Gaudion
Office Manager

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